Weightless sleep.
Carefree day.

QLX effect

Experience the unique QLX effect:
Only in the box spring system from RUFBetten

The QLX effect ensures a unique feeling of relaxation which will carry you weightlessly through the day. An incomparable lying comfort experience, only in the box spring system from RUFBetten. QLX stands for an ingenious box spring bed base with a system for four perfectly harmonised sleep comfort zones for weightless sleep.

The box spring system with unique depth effect:
QLX 4-component sleep comfort for uplifting sleep

Our QLX box spring bed system reinterprets traditional box springs: Its QLX 4-component sleeping comfort facilitates virtually weightless rest, so that body and soul can effectively relax and revive through the night. An integrated absorption level that eliminates vibrations from spring core to spring core, ensuring that you fall asleep and sleep through the night in total comfort, offers a very specific added benefit in this box spring system. Vertical chambers in each bed component guarantee a fresh and pleasant bed and room atmosphere. This unique system for box spring beds, designed by RUFBetten and patented by the German Patent and Trademark Office, now finds its way into the VERONESSE luxury classic box spring component program, but also into many other box spring beds in the RUFBetten range.

Querschnitt RUF Schlafkomfort QLX

A box spring system for highest requirements:
With the QLX 4-component sleep comfort, you always get it right.

  1. For the immersion level of the QLX box spring system, select a RUFBetten box spring mattress from the many models and firmness levels on offer – many programs are also covered in your favourite fabric.
  1. The absorption level is a 7-zone cold foam core with vertical holes in breathable fabric. In the luxurious box spring system QLX this level minimises vibrations caused by your movements. Another extra from RUFBetten: Velcro and slip-resistant nubs on the surface of this absorption level, as well as adhesive stretch velour on the bottom of the RUFBetten box spring mattress securely keep your mattress in place, even when using the fully-automated adjustment.
  1. The redistribution level consists of a 7-zone barrel pocket spring core with breathable non-woven cover. It serves to absorb and distribute your body pressure evenly within the QLX box spring system.
  1. The support level is a base with integrated slats. It supports the box spring system from below and is finished off with an air-permeable fabric. If you opt for a box spring bed with bed box, the ventilated storage is integrated here.

Unique box spring system with effective ventilation. This way your bed atmosphere doesn’t struggle for air.

The unique AIRVent system achieves an optimal temperature and humidity balance. While the spring cores are naturally air-permeable, special holes in the foam components and millings in the base plate ensure continuous air circulation. And there’s more: The well-designed QLX box spring system offers two ground clearance options with 5 or 10 cm legs. This offers additional support for maximal ventilation of the box spring bed with QLX system. And that guarantees a fresh bed atmosphere – around the clock.

Certified luxury:
Box spring system with quality mark. Superb sleeping comfort through superior quality

The same standard that applies to all beds from RUFBetten applies to our unique QLX box spring system: For us, quality is a value that is made up of many individual components. Only when all these individual components meet the highest standards, can you enjoy the best quality of sleep, all round. This is why the QLX system, as a component of the box spring beds from the RUFBetten program, is tested and certified for the decisive quality criteria of durability, safety and health and the environment – as numerous quality marks demonstrate.

Quality sets the tone - Seals of approval


We are self-confident in our commitment to Germany as a production location. For us, this means not only social responsibility towards our employees and our environment, but also high standards, constant controls and regular inspections and certifications.

Of course, Germany as a location also stands for safety. Especially in times when sustainability, short delivery routes and tested product quality are important purchasing criteria for our customers. Take a look at our production in Rastatt, in the feature from Galileo on Pro7.


This product is beeing developed and manufactured in Germany. This is what the “Furniture Made in Germany” mark of origin stands for. This special quality label is awarded by the Association of the German Furniture Industry after thorough and strict testing. The high requirements are checked regularly. RUFBetten gives you the security and a reliable orientation for choosing a quality product from Germany.

Climate pact for the furniture industry

Companies are being called upon more than ever before to accept responsibility and show commitment in these times of climate change. RUFBetten contributes to reducing global carbon emissions through its activities and is committed to the United Nations’ 1.5 °C climate target. Our certification as a carbon neutral manufacturer by the Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (German Association for Furniture Quality) gives you the assurance that the wellbeing of future generations and the preservation of a liveable world are key considerations for every product we make.

Gütesiegel Original DGM Boxspring

Original DGM Boxspring

In order to better navigate the jungle of box spring beds and providers, the DGM has introduced a quality label, which is only given to manufacturers, whose box spring beds have been carefully scrutinized meeting the strict requirements of the DGM. RUFBetten can be proud of this label since all box spring beds have been tested, certified and fully comply with the quality requirements of the DGM.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100

This seal is your guarantee that: all mattress covers from RUFBetten are tested for harmful substances in accordance with the ÖkoTex Standard 100 and have been awarded seal for textile confidence.

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QLX box spring bed: System with fully automatic adjustment: Double the luxury – at the simple touch of a button

With its 4-component sleep comfort, the QLX box spring system offers true luxury when it comes to quality of sleep. But if you seek even more comfort, RUF|Betten offers the ingenious box spring system in a version with motorised adjustment. This allows you, for example, to conveniently move your VERONESSE box spring bed into any position you want via cable switch or (optionally) via radio remote control (and APP). The headboard and foot section can be adjusted entirely independently of each other – for reading, watching TV, relaxing, or simply doing nothing at all.

The box spring system with back-friendly height:
For easy weightless sleeping comfort

Perfectly harmonised, the four comfort levels of the patented QLX box spring system create an extraordinary lying and sleeping comfort, which no other box spring bed base can beat. And which allows you to relax and recuperate as never before. Thanks to the particularly back-friendly lying and sitting height which the system offers your box spring bed from RUFBetten, you always benefit from the QLX effect.

Once a QLX box spring system – always a QLX box spring system Customers always adore the raised comfort of sleep

Customers who have opted for a RUFBetten box spring system with QLX effect base, never want to do without the QLX effect. According to the “Deutschlandtest”, the uniquely raised and comfortable lying feeling of the box spring system impresses with outstanding customer loyalty.

Thrilled by the box spring bed with QLX system
What our customers say

My wife and I have been loyal and very happy customers of RUFBetten for over 15 years. Our first bed from RUFBetten was an upholstered bed. Two years ago, we decided to change the “sleep system”, from an upholstered bed to a box spring bed. We chose the RUFBetten bed VERONESSE with QLX box spring system. Once again, we had not been promised too much, the lying comfort is really dreamlike – the spring core mattress does not vibrate when you turn (which makes my wife happy) and the level with the dampening feels as if you were weightless. We don’t regret anything, except the fact that we did not decide on a RUFBetten box spring bed with QLX earlier!

RUF|Betten QLX Boxspring-System Kunde

I am a staunch fan of the QLX box spring system in my VERONESSE bed – from the first hour! It gives me super-restful sleep, which I never want to miss again. And I don’t have to, as it is of perfect quality. Even after four years I sleep weightlessly and calm through the night and wake up as relaxed as after the first night.

RUF|Betten QLX Boxspring-System Kundin

What I love about the QLX box spring system is not only the restful sleep comfort that feels virtually weightless. It’s the whole “package”: for example the fact that the vibrations in the spring core mattress are dampened, but, the air can freely circulate. Or, that the four QLX sleep comfort components have such a comfortable lying and sitting height. My back loves this as much as the effect that the body pressure is optimally distributed when lying down.

RUF|Betten QLX Boxspring-System Kunde

I still remember when I thought, “Please, who needs four sleeping comfort levels in their box spring bed?” After the first night in our RUFBetten bed MERCATA I knew who – me! I did sleep well in our old box spring bed, which was also of very good quality. But not half as good as now in the RUFBetten bed MERCATA with QLX box spring system. I’m really glad that my wife did so much research before we bought, and insisted that we buy a box spring bed from RUFBetten with QLX effect.

RUF|Betten QLX Boxspring-System Kunde

I am sure that one can also sleep well in a box spring bed without QLX effect – just not as relaxing as in a RUFBetten box spring bed system with QLX effect! It really is great, such a weightless sleep experience. Once you have it, you never want to do without it again, just like me. But it’s difficult to describe. That’s why I can only recommend: Test it out and experience the super comfortable sleep yourself!

RUF|Betten QLX Boxspring-System Kundin

RUFBetten beds with QLX 4-component sleeping comfort