RUFBetten at Galileo on Pro7

Insight into the creation of a quality bed

2023 started with a highlight for us: We were presented in the well-known Pro7 programme “Galileo”. More precisely, in the section “Mass with class”. There we allowed the viewers a look behind the scenes – starting with a traditional manufactory that only produces a limited number of beds per year through manual labour, and ending with us, a company that does not compromise on quality despite high production numbers.

Focus on quality made in Germany
The combination of craftsmanship, industrial production process and quality Made in Germany earned RUFBetten the attention of the producers of “Galileo”. The conceptual organiser of the film shoot had been looking for a medium-sized company that combined these qualities and finally found RUFBetten after a long research. We were immediately interested and organised the film shoot at our factory in Rastatt within just a few days. Then the time had come. The film crew arrived first thing in the morning and got a rough idea of what was going to happen. From the first drafts to the choice of fabric, the development and planning to the production and the presentation in the in-house showroom, the entire production process was recorded. Step by step, the film crew started to record the processes, partly with a drone.
Wooden parts were milled, headboards glued and upholstered by hand, seamstresses shown skilfully joining the fabric parts. The complete production process from the design to the consultation in the in-house showroom was recorded. Our Managing Director Heiner Goossens emphasised the importance of production in Germany: “This was an exciting experience for all employees. Now everyone could proudly present their workplace and give the viewers an insight into the creation of our RUFBetten. We were very pleased to be chosen as one of the few manufacturers from Germany to show our production in Rastatt. We are proud that our beds are produced in Germany and stand by our claim to quality and sustainability.”
Now take a look behind the scenes of an exciting film shoot at RUFBetten in our picture gallery.