Strain space for all

Stylishly designed, cleverly stored.

Strain space for all

Stylishly designed, cleverly stored.

The bed base

Your personal spirit of order in the bedroom

We all know this moment: the fresh sheets, the cosy pillows or the chic bedspread need to be stowed away quickly and within reach, but where to put them? This is where the bed base from RUFBetten comes into play. A little everyday hero that always ensures order and clarity. With it, you not only have the perfect place for your bedding, but also a reliable partner that helps to keep your bedroom tidy and cosy at all times.

The details matter

Whether you prefer an upholstered bed or box spring bed, our bed base ventilation concepts ensure that your storage space always stays fresh. So mould stains and mildew are a thing of the past. And for those who want even more: Our COMPOSIUM offers you motorised adjustment, enough storage space and that as a box spring or upholstered bed. You can see what it looks like here.

Luxury meets functionality

Everyone loves storage space, but often there is simply no room to reach into the bed base at the foot end. No problem, our COMPOSIUM in the upholstered bed version and also all LIDO models provide a remedy here. The transverse opener allows you to use your bed drawer in a relaxed manner along the full length of the bed.

Sleep well with safety

With an intuitive hand movement, you open the bed drawer effortlessly and have access to all your stored treasures. But that’s not all: while you use the storage space, the mattress is held securely at the top. So you can enjoy comfort and safety in one at all times. A small detail that makes life much easier.

Sleep, dream, stow away:

RUFBetten combine stylish design with ingeniously integrated bed drawers. Whether purist or opulent, everyone will find the right model here. With around 200 fabrics, you can individualise your bed and thanks to innovative technologies, you not only enjoy comfort but also perfectly ventilated storage space. Below we show you some models with enough space for your dreams.

With the CASA KTR, you invite elegance and functionality into the bedroom. Whether you choose the upholstered or box spring version, its design and spacious bed base make it the perfect roommate.

More product info about CASA KTR

CASA KTQ not only offers a heavenly place to sleep, but also sets visual highlights in your room. Depending on your taste, as a comfortable box spring bed or cosy upholstered bed – always an experience for your senses.

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Elegant and flexible: the COMPOSIUM KTV adapts to your wishes. Whether as an airy box spring bed or a cosy upholstered bed with storage space – in combination with your favourite fabric, it becomes an eye-catcher in your bedroom. The comfort of motorised adjustment is also available as an option.

More product info about COMPOSIUM KTV as box spring bed und COMPOSIUM KTV as upholstered bed

EMILIA is more than just an upholstered bed. Available in various sizes, it combines functionality with aesthetics thanks to the optiVENT bed base ventilation and a wide range of fabrics. Perfectly complemented by matching sprung wooden frames. A true dream for any bedroom.

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Elegant and cosy: the LIVERA KTE-K upholstered bed is more than just a place to sleep. With its puristic design and the variety of fabrics, it invites you to dream anew every evening.

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The SILVA box spring bed combines style with comfort. Choose from around 200 fabrics and enjoy practical storage space in the ventilated bed base, paired with modern, motorised adjustability. A bed that inspires both visually and functionally.

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The UNO-DUO presents itself in an elegant design and offers a choice of fabrics and headboards as well as a ventilated bed base with optiVENT The single bed option and practical castors make it particularly flexible and versatile. Plinth trims in textile or leatherlook complete the look.

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The VERENA box spring bed combines the patented QLX sleeping comfort with innovative AIRVent ventilation. Choose from 14 carefully selected fabrics and opt for a rigid version or the option with a spacious bed base.

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Cubic and cosy – that’s how VERONESSE KTC presents itself. Choose from around 200 fabrics and matching headboards. The practical ventilated bed base and the motorised adjustment increase the comfort. A bed that adapts to your style and promises dreamy nights.

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