Dreamlike materials

For upholstered and box spring beds

Expertise in fabrics

It’s time to make a move once again – and like every year, RUFBetten experts are destined for Italy. Here in the land of bella figura, annual fabric fairs showcase the materials that are trending now, or will be soon. Needless to say, the materials on show are reflected in our latest fabric collections. Small-scale manufacturers reveal secrets and showrooms display an abundance of products.

The creative types from RUFBetten are inspired at every turn as they encounter colours of the season, mesmerising materials and fascinating fabrics, many of which radiate new qualities. Samples from material specialists of global renown are subsequently incorporated into RUFBetten collections, having been thoroughly and critically examined beforehand. Our stringent quality standards signal the end for many a short-lived trend; moreover, if a fabric cannot be supplied to the standard demanded by RUFBetten, there is zero chance of it joining the collection. Ultimately, your quality expectations define our benchmarks – one of which is the durability and resilience that will guarantee countless pleasant days and nights for you.

In keeping with the RUFBetten style, our fabrics are uniquely, sensuously enticing: soft chenille, superior velvet, bouclé-type materials and much more. In short, we have something to suit every taste. An upscale look, an elegant appearance, a modern or classic mood, rich colours, discreet understatement – the choice is yours. Clad in your favourite fabric, your upholstered or box spring bed becomes your personal dream bed. Once you have decided on the right one, why not choose a suitable material for your bedside table too? We suggest making contact with your nearest RUFBetten retailer and getting up close to a world that will indulge your senses.