All about sleep

Welcome to our world, where everything’s about getting a good night’s sleep – and how you can sleep better. Because one thing’s for sure – there’s no better feeling than a good night’s sleep and no better way of doing nothing. All you need is the right bed – tailored to you, like our upholstered and box-spring beds from RUFBetten, and maybe a few good tips to help you sleep better, wake up relaxed and refreshed, and get you ready to start the day. Here at RUFBetten we have inspirational and informative articles that can help, and an ever-expanding range of topics. We hope you enjoy reading!

Good scent – good sleep

What aromatic scents do and how they can help you drift off to sleep relaxed.

Starting spring fit

How to prevent spring fatigue and shake off winter as quickly as possible, read here.

Finding your own sleep rhythm

Whether a person is an early bird or a morning grouch is partly in their genes. Are you a lark or an owl?

Goodnight sleep for all

Goodnight sleep for all: most women often sleep worse than their husbands. Why is that?

Perfect before sleep

Here you can find out which snack or good-night drink will help you get to sleep with pleasure.

Do dreams really come true?

Is reality just a dream? The world of dreams has probably always been a source of fascination for us humans.

The bed base – invisible storage space

It’s that time of year again – your bed is ready for a light, airy summer wardrobe.

Sleep apps – do they work?

Sleep apps for smartphones are supposed to help us sleep better and give us more energy during the day. But do they work? We took a closer look:

Comfort in bed

Do you like to read a good book before you go to sleep? Perfect! Reading is the best way to prepare for sleep.

Tidy bed, restful sleep

Not only does fresh bedding banish the grey of the winter, but it also contributes to a better quality of sleep.

Stop heat keeping you awake

Fact: our summers are getting hotter. Bedroom temperatures could well be reaching record highs. Set your bedroom – and yourself – to a pleasant sleeping temperature.