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… that searching for a new bed naturally involves many questions? At RUFBetten, we specialise in high-quality boxspring beds and upholstered beds, and we have the right answers for those questions. Here you can discover the facts, descriptions and explanations concerning beds and restful sleep that our customers always want to know.

Its bed frame is made of wood composite upholstered with fabric or to resemble leather. It contains a spring wood frame also known as a slatted frame. This provides the spring suspension for the mattress, which is placed atop it. An upholstered bed is designed to rest either directly on the floor or on feet. It can have a bed base and/or be electrically adjustable. The optiVent feature offers special advantages. RUFBetten upholstered beds provide maximum bed base ventilation. This constant air circulation creates always-fresh sleeping conditions. Our upholstered beds feature extremely versatile layout options that satisfy all design and comfort requirements. You can individually configure your upholstered bed here

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A box spring bed from RUFBetten consists of a box with slats at the bottom. On top of these are barrel pocket springs, which are fitted into their own individual sacks, thus permitting noiseless adjustment to any change in load. A mattress lies on top of this box – this combination is called a box spring bed. Original box spring beds are recognised by the DGM (Deutsche Gütergemeinschaft Möbel). Now RUFBetten offers endless design possibilities to meet your personal style and comfort needs. Your individual requirements for comfort, functionality and design are what matter here – after all, your box spring bed has to fit you perfectly.

Yes. This is why RUFBetten boxspring beds are as unique as those who sleep on them. Boxspring concepts such as our QLX are patented. This adds a cushioning level between the boxspring and the mattress. It eliminates all undulation. Or our boxspring beds, featuring an especially slim box filled with mini-springs. This results in an elegant and extremely light look. The harmonious visual appearance of our boxspring beds is quite unusual. What you see is not the usual two boxes for a boxspring double bed but instead a continuous edge around the boxspring within. You can also decide whether you wish to have an extra comfort level for a restful night’s sleep, a fabric-covered mattress, bed base, or … the list of choices goes on and on. Welcome to the world of virtually unlimited possibilities.

Here the crucial factor is quality. Original boxspring beds are certified by DGM, the German Furniture Community. All RUFBetten boxspring beds are tested and certified by DGM as fully compliant with its quality standards. They carry the seal you can trust: “Original DGM Boxspring”.

But the details also matter and are frequently just as important when looking for sleeping and resting comfort. It is absolutely crucial that the boxspring mattress grip the base. This is why RUFBetten beds feature a hook-and-loop adhesive strip and anti-slip nubs on the upper side of the boxspring. Adhesive stretch velour on the underside of the boxspring mattress completes the picture. This also ensures firm support when combined with electric adjustment – and entirely without ugly retaining brackets. And what is more: the AIRVent ventilation system in all our boxspring beds creates constant air circulation and produces an ideal micro-climate.

The construction – or more precisely, the base: the boxspring bed consists of a box with springs instead of a spring wood frame (slatted frame). The spring wood frame is found in the upholstered bed option, however. The mattress of your choice can rest on the box or the slatted frame. A boxspring bed with fabric-covered mattress is always crowned with a mattress pad – or you can choose a traditional ticking-covered mattress. A mattress pad can also be used on an upholstered bed. This adds an extra degree of snuggly comfort.

It is really a question of taste. Whether the base has a completely different structure depends entirely on personal preference. With RUFBetten upholstered beds, there is no difference between selecting a boxspring bed or an upholstered bed. Both our comfort varieties can meet all needs. No matter which bed type you select, your requirements will be met – spacious bed base, electric adjustment, a variety of headboard variants, fabrics and styles. Even the height of the base can be selected. With either a boxspring bed or an upholstered bed, you determine whether you wish to conveniently hoover or wipe beneath the bed, whether you want a bed that lies flush to the floor, and whether you prefer an elegant and light design or a more lavish appearance. We are sure you will find the best option for you. Both concepts offer optimal sleeping enjoyment so you awake with the energy you need to tackle the demands of your day.

Many RUFBetten upholstered and boxspring beds can be equipped with an electrically adjustable base. This means that both the head and foot of the bed can be adjusted at the touch of a button to your favourite individual (and current) settings. These settings can be adjusted on the bed with either a cable switch or wirelessly for greater freedom of movement or even more comfortably with your mobile phone.

This extra comfort is tremendously relaxing because your body assumes its favourite position simply and without active movement. In this way, your relaxation is uninterrupted as you move smoothly and almost soundlessly into a lying, sitting or feet-elevated position. Foot elevation, by the way, is something you should engage in regularly since raising the foot of the bed relieves the circulation system and facilitates the return of blood to the heart. Unburdened and invigorated after a long and tiring day at work.  And even more: enjoying breakfast, reading, watching television, chatting …

The luxurious RUFBetten beds can also be electrically adjusted using your smartphone. You merely download the free RUFBetten motor 2 app and you are ready to go.

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For us, quality is a passion and has many facets. That’s why, for RUFBetten, sustainability and responsibility towards our environment are also part of the equation, alongside design, comfort and well-being. For this reason, we regularly have ourselves tested by independent experts and institutes. This is evidenced by our seals of quality and labels, of which we are proud. You can find out more about them here.

Our specialists are experts who assemble each bed individually for you with precision craftsmanship. From the initial carpentry work to the high-quality upholstery and precise fabric cuts to the delicate sewing work – everything is made “Made in Germany” at the Rastatt site in Baden-Württemberg. By the way, production in Germany also has a lot to do with sustainability; just think of shorter transport routes and strict environmental regulations.

It’s not just the technical possibilities that make RUFBetten special, it’s also the wide range of comfort options that generate enthusiasm. We offer a variety that perfectly supports you when sleeping, relaxing and regenerating in your bed. This starts with the choice of a box spring or upholstered bed base, continues with type-specific mattresses and cuddly toppers and extends to motorised adjustment via a smartphone app. This is even available for box spring beds. Convince yourself of the best lying comfort: in our exhibition forum or directly at your local dealer.

A good bed climate is also part of high-quality sleeping and lying comfort. Ventilation of the bed frame and base is more than just a feel-good factor, it’s about your well-being. And here RUFBetten has its own well thought-out ventilation concepts to offer with optiVent and AIRVent. OptiVent, the “automatic climate control” for bed drawers developed by RUFBetten, is based on the principle of double-wall construction and on the fact that air can circulate from the outside to the inside. Mould or mildew stains are reliably prevented in this way. AIRVent, the ventilation system that is also unique, was created for the special box spring construction consisting of two mattresses: e.g. in the patented QLX base, vertical chambers are integrated into the cold foam components (innersprings are ventilated anyway). They guide air through and thus ensure an optimal microclimate.

Design is high on the list of priorities at RUFBetten. Because we know that you, as our customer, value a design that matches the inner values of your new bed and your interior. And it has to be something special. Design by RUFBetten is unmistakable, it concentrates on the essentials. Aesthetic, useful, effective, all components have a meaning. We love honest forms – cubic, organic, straightforwardly elegant. This is how our creative workshops keep creating products that are style-defining, even across borders and cultures. Boxsprings with a light and filigree look that doesn’t seem massive at all, or unusual lines on the substructure and seemingly floating constructions. Well-known, internationally active designers and our own in-house design department are responsible for this with their good name. And the large variety of versions leaves no personal preference unconsidered.

RUFBetten also meets your high expectations with regard to qualities that are not visible at first glance. Durability, ecological compatibility, freedom from harmful substances, quality of materials and workmanship, etc. – demands that you do not associate with the name RUFBetten by chance. Because we take responsibility. With resource, energy and environmentally friendly concepts and processes. For example, we already produce our entire collection in a climate-neutral way. And we also attach great importance to quality and sustainability in other ways. All mattresses are tested for harmful substances and comply with the Oeko-Tex standard, and all beds meet the strict standards of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e. V. (German Furniture Quality Association) for durable, environmentally friendly quality furniture that is not harmful to health. As you can see, we at RUFBetten not only have your best sleep in mind, but also keep a watchful eye on environmental protection and sustainability.

Please feel free to visit our exhibition forum (link) and convince yourself of the many advantages of our products in dialogue with our experts. Here you can get advice at your leisure and find your perfect dream bed.