Sleeping solutions with passion


Sleeping solutions with passion

We have high standards. Do you?

Life is diverse and demanding. It is constantly changing and demands flexibility, today more than ever. That’s why you long for a place to relax. That’s why you shouldn’t compromise when furnishing your bedroom.
As passionate sleep experts, with high quality standards, we strive to improve your quality of life and well-being through unique sleeping solutions. Down-to-earth things such as craftsmanship, sustainability and aesthetics are a matter of course for us.

Cleverly thought out and perfectly finished

You don’t like an off-the-peg bed? Perfectly. Because with us you get a made-to-measure suit that tells its very own story. Sleeping solutions from RUF I Betten are unmistakable originals that combine aesthetics, innovation and comfort. To this end, we at RUF | Betten offer you numerous models in various comfort versions that are as individual as you are.

Design that works

The proportions, appearance and functionality of a bed must be in harmony. Designing a beautiful piece of furniture is easy. But to also convince functionally – this is where true design art is hidden. For us, functionality means creating sleeping solutions that envelop you, support you, embrace you or simply carry you on their hands. Comfort that is perfectly tailored to you and your habits. So exclusive expert knowledge, craftsmanship and creative passion go into every one of our beds.

Consciously focused on quality

Quality and sustainability are particularly important to us, because we see our sleeping solutions as a contemporary expression of high sleep culture that should accompany you for a long time. That’s why we at RUF | Betten set ourselves high standards. We are self-confident about our location in Rastatt and therefore about responsible production “Made in Germany”, which helps us to sustainably protect the environment and resources. As a climate-neutral furniture manufacturer, tested, certified and awarded, we proudly present our seal of quality to give you the assurance that you are getting the best.

Choose a bed that makes you happy

We want our beds to be an inspiring home for body, mind and soul. A place of well-being which, as an individual expression of personality, is the deserved reward for a life full of demands. A place of well-being where you benefit in terms of quality of life and sleep. Quality we have been proud of since our founding by Albin Ruf.

Every bed tells a story

At RUFBetten, we want you to sleep well. We also understand the importance of a comforting atmosphere in the bedroom: after all, this is the ideal place to recharge your physical and mental energies so that you are fit to face the hectic routine and the stresses of work – or simply to unwind at the end of a demanding day. Our task is to supply you with the upholstered or box spring bed to make your bedroom perfect.

We devote all of our energies and experience to making your personal dream bed, thereby focusing on what matters most – quality to enhance your life and delight your senses. Our dedication to the genuine and the valuable shines through at every stage of production, while responsible manufacturing – to Made in Germany standards – helps to protect the environment and conserve resources. Outstanding designs give rise to timeless beauty, innovative ideas enrich both days and nights. Each one of our beds is filled with exclusive expertise, craftsmanship and creative passion – and has been since the day Albin Ruf established – RUFBetten in 1926.

RUFBetten: a success story for more than 90 years

  • 1926

    Albin Ruf establishes the company in Rastatt/Baden-Wuerttemberg; the business focuses on producing “patented slats” and protective covers.

    Albin Ruf.
  • 1949

    The name RUF becomes synonymous with high quality bedding in Southern Germany; the company has also started to produce mattresses in a second plant in Steißlingen near Singen/Hohentwiel.

    Werbeplakat Ruf Matratzen.
  • 1966

    RUF enters production of French style beds and celebrates a resounding success series with “Happy Night”.

    Französisches Betten Happy Night.
  • 1973

    The company becomes increasingly international and changes its name to “RUF-Bett International”.

    RUF-Bett International.
  • 1973

    RUF has already established itself as market leader for French style beds; vigorous demand finally leads to the construction of a modern production facility at the Rastatt location in October 1973.

    Ruf Betten Produktionsstätte am Standort Rastatt.
  • 1974

    We enter the big era of the “JET bed” by RUF. In subsequent periods, this model group’s share in total revenues climbs up to 70%.

    Das JET-Bett von RUF.
  • 1981

    The birth of the first ever system bed programme COMPOSIUM which is still successful to this day; first steps towards personalised sleeping.

    Systembetten-Programms COMPOSIUM.
  • 1986

    What the beetle was for Wolfsburg, was the “Momo” for Rastatt – one of the most successful upholstered beds of its time that keeps going … and going … and going (all the way into the new millennium).

    Ruf Polsterbett Momo.
  • 1990

    Imports, the solid wood wave, and futons are trend of the time, competing with the textile bed with its shapes and material mix. Right at the front: RUF|LOTOS.

    Ruf LOTOS.
  • 1995

    Redefinition of the RUF core competence: Transformation from upholstered bed manufacturer to a manufacturer of “products for pleasant and healthy sleeping”. The MODERN LIVING product line is born; the successful NOVA system bed becomes synonymous with this line of models.

    Systembett NOVA.
  • 1997

    The “sit & sleep” collection becomes a new pillar – a modern piece of convertible furniture for sitting and sleeping.

    sit and sleep, Verwandlungsmöbel zum Sitzen und Schlafen.
  • 1998

    RUF|Betten is integrated into the Hüls group of companies that includes renowned furniture brands such as HÜLSTA itself, but also ROLF BENZ and PARADOR.

  • 2000

    RUF builds and opened its new showroom in Rastatt; furniture dealers from all around the world are now welcomed and trained on the 2,300 sqm premises; the exhibition also serves as a consultancy centre for end customers.

    Ruf Betten Ausstellungsforum.
  • 2003

    The first multimedia bed in the bedrooms – naturally, by RUF|Betten! RUF|CINEMA provides a home cinema flair and turns more than the world of beds upside down at the IMM in Cologne.

    Multimedia-Bett Cinema.
  • 2004

    Trend researchers agree: Pre-assembled bedrooms are a relict of days past. The future is clearly in personalised sleeping arrangements. RUF|Betten launches its young CASA programme as early as 2004, generating more than 1,000 order within only a few months.

    Ruf Betten Programm CASA.
  • 2006

    RUF|Betten wins its place in the mattress market back with the market launch of OASEN DER RUHE, a tailored sleeping system for every type of sleeper and maximum comfort.

    OASEN DER RUHE, maßgeschneidertes Schlafsystem.
  • 2006

    In the Top 10: RUF|Betten is now one of the most renowned living furniture manufacturers in Germany.

    reddot design award winner 2006.
  • 2010

    The new RUF|VIDA programme embodies a sense of modernity and lightness. In line with the expressive bed design, it is presented in a futuristic environment.

    Ruf Bettendesign Vida.
  • 2011

    The box spring bed experiences a renaissance without equal. RUF|Betten responds to the market with a complete reinterpretation of this luxurious sleeping comfort and exceeds all expectations with VERONESSE.

    luxuriösen Schlafkomforts mit VERONESSE.
  • 2012

    The popular actress Anja Kling becomes brand ambassador for the design line, and promotes the design corner at the POS until 2015.

    Ruf Betten und Anja Kling.
  • 2012

    Victoria’s Secret says hi: The Angels from Cologne delight furniture customers from around the world under the moderation of Gundis Zámbó.

    Victoria’s Secret Models auf einer Ausstellung.
  • 2013

    Box spring that is invisible? With CASA CLX, RUFBetten launches “box spring inside”, complementing its classical box spring line.

  • 2014

    Box spring conquers German bedrooms, and RUF|Betten expands its box spring portfolio with the PRIMERO programme in soft and romantic design language.

    Programm PRIMERO.
  • 2015

    The ZUHAUSE WOHNEN box spring collection comes on the market – a cooperation with RUF designer Sylvia Himmel and the Chief Editor of the interior design magazine ZUHAUSE WOHNEN.

    Ruf Betten Zuhause Wohnen Kollektion.
  • 2015

    Award-winning: The design highlight of RUF|ENTRO (design: Prof. Stefan Heiliger) wins the “Interior Design Award 2015” and the reader award “WOHNIDEE Leser Award 2015”.

    Design-Highlight ENTRO gewinnt den interior design award 2015.
  • 2016

    Relaxation de luxe – as with ADESSO, all other box spring bases are now also available as a luxury version with fully-automatic adjustment.

    Boxspring Unterbauten mit vollautomatischer Verstellung.
  • 2016

    The course is set for the future. The HÜLS Group sells the company RUF to 100% to NORD Holding, Hannover – one of the oldest German holding companies that invests in successful medium-sized companies.

    Nord Holding.
  • 2016

    Urban-modern style with Scandinavian influences – this is the new box spring programme MIO, which is fully in line with the trend of “furnished nature”.

    RUF|Betten Geschichte 2016 Boxspringbett MIO
  • 2017

    With a very emotional design language, the designer Thomas Althaus combines organic and geometrical elements for the new RIVA box spring bed with the result of an unusual overall silhouette.

    RUF|Betten Geschichte 2017 Boxspringbett RIVA
  • 2018

    The unique lying comfort of the RUF box spring beds with QLX bed base, has now been patented by the German Patent and Trademark Office.

    RUF|Betten Geschichte 2018 QLX Patent
  • 2019

    The SABO wooden bed makes its way into the collection and shines with its innovative concept. The combination of natural materials, internal box spring comfort and comfortable upholstered headboard meet with enthusiasm in the trade.

  • 2020

    Design icon MODENA is awarded the coveted “Iconic Award” in the “Innovative Interior” category by the German Design Council.

  • 2021

    RUFBetten expands its product portfolio and introduces the SOLUNA sofa bed system.

    SOLUNA schmal 6820 M2 auf 140x200 bodenstehend
  • 2021

    Redesign of the brand identity – Extensive market research, surveys of our RUFBetten customers and evaluation of customer requirements form the basis of our new brand identity. Restful nights and vital days – the basic needs of our customers are the focus of our activities.This is reflected in our showroom, the presentation in the trade, on our website and wherever you encounter RUFBetten.

  • 2022

    The investment company Waterland Private Equity („Waterland“) has acquired all shares in RUFBetten from the investment company NORD-Holding. The RUF Group is one of the leading suppliers of premium beds on the German market and will gain market power through the takeover.

  • 2022

    Dreaming in Morpheus‘ arms – Only the feeling of security lets us slumber blissfully. That‘s why we developed PUREO. The side cheeks of the headboard enclose the box spring bed, giving a feeling of security. The best box spring comfort and the elegant design by Kommerkors will give you restful hours from spring 2023.

  • 2023

    RUFBetten presents the brand relaunch in the new „Collection 2023/24“ catalogue. Clearly and concisely structured, it offers the reader an impressive overview of all individual sleeping solutions. All the features of the models, technical details and the latest designer beds are presented in a high-quality layout and whet the reader‘s appetite for restful nights and vital days.

Quality sets the tone - Seals of approval


We are self-confident in our commitment to Germany as a production location. For us, this means not only social responsibility towards our employees and our environment, but also high standards, constant controls and regular inspections and certifications.

Of course, Germany as a location also stands for safety. Especially in times when sustainability, short delivery routes and tested product quality are important purchasing criteria for our customers. Take a look at our production in Rastatt, in the feature from Galileo on Pro7.


This product is beeing developed and manufactured in Germany. This is what the “Furniture Made in Germany” mark of origin stands for. This special quality label is awarded by the Association of the German Furniture Industry after thorough and strict testing. The high requirements are checked regularly. RUFBetten gives you the security and a reliable orientation for choosing a quality product from Germany.

Climate pact for the furniture industry

Companies are being called upon more than ever before to accept responsibility and show commitment in these times of climate change. RUFBetten contributes to reducing global carbon emissions through its activities and is committed to the United Nations’ 1.5 °C climate target. Our certification as a carbon neutral manufacturer by the Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (German Association for Furniture Quality) gives you the assurance that the wellbeing of future generations and the preservation of a liveable world are key considerations for every product we make.

Gütesiegel Original DGM Boxspring

Original DGM Boxspring

In order to better navigate the jungle of box spring beds and providers, the DGM has introduced a quality label, which is only given to manufacturers, whose box spring beds have been carefully scrutinized meeting the strict requirements of the DGM. RUFBetten can be proud of this label since all box spring beds have been tested, certified and fully comply with the quality requirements of the DGM.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100

This seal is your guarantee that: all mattress covers from RUFBetten are tested for harmful substances in accordance with the ÖkoTex Standard 100 and have been awarded seal for textile confidence.

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