Box spring bed Adesso


Variety that you can truly experience

Sleek elegance, and so comfortable! With a purely modern design and compact dimensions, the ADESSO box spring system perfectly fits almost all bedroom environments. The optimal use of space and abundant extras make this box spring bed the ideal playground for individualists. And anyone who values quiet, comfortable rest will really love our triple reclining comfort – combined with the mattress of your choice! In addition, the high ground clearance and AIRVent ventilation ensure a fresh feel in bed. The range of lying heights, fabric-covered mattresses (optional) and range of headboards means that ADESSO offers you unique freedom to design. The motorised adjustment option ensures even greater comfort. You will see how ADESSO transcends almost all limits.

Almost limitless possibilities:

  • Puristic, modern design, in compact dimensions
  • Choice of different bed widths and lengths
  • Individual choice from approx. 200 fabrics
  • Large selection of designer headboards
  • In design or comfort height, practical for every taste
  • Optional motorised adjustment (cable switch, remote control/APP)
  • Box spring bed with vertical air circulation AIRVent®
  • Large foot collection in various heights, colours and materials
  • Choice of perfectly matching box spring mattresses
  • Optional fabric-covered mattress for a uniform look
  • Cuddly toppers as the perfect finish
  • Matching bedspreads in your choice of fabric

Adesso models headboards