RUF|Betten values individuality when sleeping

System concepts with far more variety

Rastatt, 25/09/2017 (trg). There is still a strong demand for beds that are highly customised. At the same time, we can also identify a surge in demand away from products priced aggressively in favour of reliable quality and a high level of comfort. RUF|Betten recognised this trend long ago and not only provides a variety of modular box spring concepts, but also for premium upholstered beds.

“Sleeping according to my own taste and my expectations” – RUF now complies with this consumer demand in both core areas to an even greater extent. The new collection offers additional modules – starting with small, fine detail en- hancements right through to innovative functional solutions – for all RUF system concepts.

Mio – now with light functional headboard

Lean back and feel completely at home – the new cushiony headboard by MIO combines superb comfort with craftsmanship that has a real love of detail. Since ever more customers attach great importance to functional sophistication, without wanting to sacrifice ergonomic requirements. RUF|Betten fulfil these consumer demands with the headboard KTV and its simple, silent operability, as well as giving retail persuasive sales arguments.

Primero showcases craftsmanship with a love of detail

With the new headboard KT-KN, the PRIMERO box spring concept provides a light Scandinavian-looking and at the same time cosy charm, which is manifested in the refined seams and decorative button details. The practical aspect: The low depth makes it perfectly suited to small rooms.

Another new feature with PRIMERO: the choice of base cover variants ZN. It will impress with its ambitious stitching and elaborate piping and especially appeals to those customers in search of a high-quality look.

Veronesse with more function and hygiene requirements

In the future, the RUF bed manufacturer will also provide more comfort for its luxurious box spring concept VERONESSE. Two new headboards further enhance this collection of beds: The KT-KF variant showcases itself with a new, innovative fitting that enables the greatest ease of use. For instance, the functional headboard can be moved to the front in a way which is simple and completely low-noise; the new fitting makes the headboard retract as if by magic. Simply pressing on the underside of the headboard cushion is enough, no getting up, bending, straining, all you have to do is enjoy the comfort!

On the other hand, VERONESSE KTS is distinguished by its subtle, streamlined shape, a timeless look and saddle-shaped panels that can be removed. It is therefore the hygiene aspect above all else that makes this headboard appeal to a wide audience. The panels are comfortably padded, they are held by a Velcro strip and can be easily removed and cleaned.

Also new with VERONESSE: A crafted and tastefully subtle yet striking cover variant QLX-S of the box spring base. The elegant rhomboid stitching presents the highest level upholstery techniques as regards precision and processing and also creates elegant, stunning focal points.

COMPOSIUM with new opulence and functionality

Two new headboards now complement the best seller COMPOSIUM: KT-PR will win you over with its visual opulence, which conveys craftsmanship on the one hand but does not have an expansive appearance. That’s why this headboard is especially well suited to smaller bedrooms. The passe-partout look also provides a harmonious framework for a self-contained bed design.

This novelty is complemented by a very elegant functional headboard, which will not only impress due to its elaborate Cacharel seams. Quite the contrary: KT-KF will win you over – as is already the case with the VERONESSE box spring bed variant – with its new, innovative fitting kinematics, making the headboard adjustment as well as the retraction perfectly easy. This will make reading, relaxing, watching television or sweet idleness in bed just plain fun. Perfect comfort for the two perfect comfort systems from RUF|Betten!

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Ruf Boxspringbett PRIMERO gruen mit Funktionskopfteil.


Ruf Boxspringbett PRIMERO mit Kopfteil KT-KN.

PRIMERO mit Unterbau ZN

Ruf Boxspringbett PRIMERO Unterbau.


Ruf Boxspringbett Veronesse mit Kopfteil KT-KF.


Ruf Boxspringbett Veronesse mit sattelfoermigen Schuerzen zum Abnehmen.

VERONESSE mit Bezugsvariante QLX-S

Ruf Bett Veronesse mit Rautensteppung in weiss.


Ruf COMPOSIUM Kopfteil.


Ruf Bett Composium Funktionskopfteil.

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