new in 2023

  • available from spring 2022


Notwendig, damit das erste Element über die volle Breite geht.

das kann man hier. Denn ANCONA lässt ganz leicht an verschiedene Vorlieben anpassen. Neben der optischen Wahlmöglichkeit aus 11 Stoffen, kann man zwischen einer Tonnentaschenfederkern- oder Kaltschaummatratze wählen. Belüfteter Bettkasten und Federholzrahmen mit Gasdruckfeder für kinderleichte Handhabung inklusive. Nun hat man die Wahl, dem mit einer eleganten Cacharellnaht und bombierten Bettseiten gestaltete ANCONA, noch den letzten Schliff zu geben.


Compact bed in a class of its own

Lean back and relax, that’s what you can do here. Because ANCONA can be easily adapted to different preferences. In addition to the visual choice of 11 fabrics, you can choose between a barrel pocket spring mattress or cold foam mattress. Ventilated bed base and spring wood frame with gas pressure spring for foolproof handling included. Now you have the choice of adding the finishing touches to the ANCONA, designed with an elegant cacharel seam and cambered bed sides.

Headboard KTS – Dynamic harmony

With the elegant KTS headboard, you make a statement thanks to the handcrafted seam division in an elongated V-shape. The dynamic subdivision in the head and shoulder area offers excellent leaning comfort and brings harmony to the bedroom.

ALX (-K) AB HOUSSE – Continuous look

The new under-cabinet, gives ADESSO a uniquely elegant look. Instead of two visible boxes, as is common with box spring beds, it creates a continuous look. The cover, which has beautiful decorative stitching, is also easy to remove and clean. For all those who love that special extra.

Pure elegance

A modern bedside lamp for atmospheric light: this elegant lamp captivates with its simple yet refreshing design, which fits perfectly into any bedroom. Despite its minimalist design, BENTO conjures up a cozy atmosphere, ideal for cozy evenings in bed.

Straightforward and comfortable

Here is the bed for those who prefer elegant understatement: thanks to the easily removable underframe housing, which provides a continuous front view, and its timeless headboard, BORATA exudes straightforward elegance. Standard with a center support foot offset to the rear, there are only two feet at the front instead of the usual four for box spring beds. In comfort height and best box spring construction nothing stands in the way of restful hours.

Headboard KTQ – Simply stunning

Trendy and yet comfortable. The comfort-oriented KTQ headboard with elegant cassette quilting. The elaborately crafted headboard captivates with its ergonomically pronounced shape and the surrounding thick piping as a stylish eye-catcher. It not only looks stunning, but also offers the highest level of leaning comfort for the most beautiful moments of the evening.

Design in its most beautiful form

The German designer duo Panreck&Klein presents top craftsmanship paired with the best box spring comfort in a very delicate and stylish way. Quilting lines, which emphasize the vertical, slatted segmentation of the headboard and a piping running around three sides, skilfully frame this designer bed. Concavely curved with an ergonomic slope, design and innovation become the perfect resting place.

Versatility in the smallest space

LIDO is the ideal bed for singles who want to use their space cleverly and enjoy dreamlike comfort at the same time. In the bedroom, this storage miracle does not look so bulky, for studios or as a guest bed, this bed, with a lying surface of 80 to 120 cm, is the optimal solution. The new LIDO 7 with practical, movable side panels will be available from spring 2023. Perfect for a short nap or to simply lean back and relax.

A practical luxury bed par excellence

Timelessly beautiful and yet endlessly practical. The LIGURA upholstered bed combines elegance with maximum comfort. Shapely design framed with a concise piping, floor standing with huge ventilated bed drawer and then still to open crosswise, so that you can easily get to everything you want to have well stowed along the full length. Best lying comfort with selectable mattress and spring wood frame of course included. This is what luxury looks like.

Headboard KTE-K – With swing into the day

The KTE-K headboard impresses with its timeless, filigree design. The lateral silhouette has an organically curved shape. Thanks to its slender proportions and the choice from the complete fabric collection, it elegantly adapts even to small rooms. This is the perfect way to recharge your batteries.

Dreaming in Morpheus arms

Only the feeling of security lets us slumber blissfully. That’s how we developed PUREO. The side cheeks of the headboard enclose the box spring bed, giving a feeling of security. Innovative lines and the highest level of craftsmanship create the ideal bedside companion. Here, feel-good romantics and design lovers can relax and let themselves go.

Innovation for more comfort

Are you looking for a box spring bed that invites you to make yourself comfortable in any position? Then let us introduce SANTOS. The forward-folding headboard developed by RUF | Betten impresses with its noiseless and smooth operation. In combination with the GELAXET topper integrated into the mattress, SANTOS becomes a cozy oasis of relaxation.

Everything you need

SILVA brings an elegant style to any bedroom. The headboard, with cacharel stitching and welt framing, is a testament to the highest level of craftsmanship. And the interior box spring comfort with large ventilated bed base makes the hearts of comfort lovers beat faster. Floor-standing and at a comfort height, it invites you to relax. But be careful: once you’re inside, you won’t want to leave this oasis of well-being.


KTC headboard – sweeping elegance

A slight curve makes this headboard in an implied cushion shape with a two-part design unmistakable and gives it a graceful beauty with a high level of comfort to lean against. Complemented by high-quality upholstery fabrics, it fits perfectly into any bedroom in terms of color and design.