RUF|Betten – Made in Germany

Ever since the company was formed in 1926, RUF|Betten has been an uncompromising advocate of the quality concept. We are known as a manufacturer of products for pleasant and healthy sleeping, both in Germany and abroad. It’s for a good reason that our brand name stands for German brand quality – Made in Rastatt/Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Our specially trained employees with exceptional expertise make sure of that.


Precision craftsmanship …

We will manufacture your dream bed with great craftsmanship and attention to detail especially for you – and every bed is a one-off original. Our internal quality management with sophisticated safety standards, and the close cooperation with the DGM (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e. V. – German Association for Furniture Quality) guarantee a long service life at consistent quality. That also includes precision craftsmanship combined with the use of the latest technologies.

… in combination with the latest technologies

RUF|Betten tests every single model for quality and series maturity. Regular functional tests and company audits monitor quality requirements, as do targeted computer-controlled techniques. This is how we can offer you assurance that you will only receive flawless products of the highest standard.

Bearbeitung von Stoffen.
Ruf Betten Stabilität und Qualität.

The invisible quality attributes must be right, as well.

Visible quality features are important. The unseen ones should be crucial for you. This includes functionality and stability of the products, material and finishing of the interior, durability and sustainability. Not least, this is ensured with ongoing final inspection. Only what we rate as “excellent” today will make it into your bedroom tomorrow.

Quality always wins.

RUF beds are quality products regularly tested by independent experts and institutes. With the result that our sleeping systems have already received many awards. This recognition strengthens our conviction that we are on the right track by striving for perfection. And it gives you reassurance that you have chosen the very best.

made in germany


This product is beeing developed and manufactured in Germany. This is what the “Furniture Made in Germany” mark of origin stands for. This special quality label is awarded by the Association of the German Furniture Industry after thorough and strict testing. The high requirements are checked regularly. Ruf | Betten gives you the security and a reliable orientation for choosing a quality product from Germany.


Most popular supplier

Over 40,000 people were surveyed to determine their satisfaction with a brand/company on behalf of the news magazine n-tv. End customers rated the RUF | Betten brand as a desirable brand that they would buy or recommend once more at any time. As the test winner, RUF | Betten was honoured with the ability to call itself as “Germany‘s most popular supplier”.


Goldenes M

The Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e. V. (German Quality Furniture Association – DGM) is committed to safety and health, and awards the “Golden M” as a sign that furniture meets the high requirements of the DGM for durable, environmentally friendly and healthy quality furniture. RUF | Betten has been a member of the DGM (German Association for Quality Furniture) since 1973. Our beds all meet the increasingly stringent standards on durability, safety and most importantly, health and the environment.

Focus Money

Germany's most popular bed manufacturer

Trust is the most valuable asset that customers can give to a brand. Ruf | Betten impresses consumers with quality and performance and received the “highest trust” award in a major survey in Germany “Deutschlandtest”. In the largest study from a consumer perspective, which was carried out by “Focus Money” in cooperation with the IMWF Institute, Ruf | Betten has reached the highest score. The brand thus sets an example for reliability and dependability in the bedding sector. (As of 2020)

blauer Engel

Environmental Symbol UZ38

RUF spring wood frames (except LRB) are entitled to bear the environmental symbol UZ 38. This means that RUF spring wood frames are low in harmful substances. Wood and wood-based materials are from sustainable forestry, environmentally friendly production methods are as much a matter of course as recyclable packaging materials and their disposal.

DIN EN 1957

DIN EN 1957

Before they are launched on the market, RUF mattresses are tested by independent accredited testing institutes for durability, functionality, environmental soundness and comfort standards, and are awarded a seal as proof of our defined, superior and consistent


OEKO-TEX Standard 100

This seal is your guarantee that: all RUF mattress covers are tested for harmful substances in accordance with the Öko-Tex Standard 100 and have been awarded seal for textile confidence.



This seal certifies that RUF spring wood frames comply with the mechanical and electrical requirements of the relevant product group, so if used properly, the safety and health of the user are not compromised


Co2 saver certificate

This Co2 saver certificate confirms that RUF|Betten is committed to environmental protection and, among other things, recycles an above-average amount of packaging materials every year. In this way the company saves harmful CO2 emissions and thus makes an important contribution to environmental protection.


Emission Label

Products by RUF|Betten may carry the emission label. The classification was verified through a harmful substance test by a neutral testing institute in accordance with DGM specifications. The provisions are far above the applicable standards. Moreover, the sustainability aspect is given special consideration.


Climate pact for the furniture industry

RUF|Betten participates in the “Climate pact for the furniture industry”. Balancing and efforts made to reduce CO2 emissions, undertaken by every member of the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM), form the basis for this commitment. RUF|Betten thereby makes a significant contribution to climate protection and is approved to use this Label as a responsible and future-oriented manufacturer.

original dgm boxspring

Original DGM Boxspring

In order to better navigate the jungle of box spring beds and providers, the DGM has introduced a quality label, which is only given to manufacturers, whose box spring beds have been carefully scrutinized meet the strict requirements of the DGM. RUF | Betten can be proud of this label since all box spring beds have been tested, certified and fully comply with the quality requirements of the DGM.

hohe weiterempfehlung

RUF|Betten - highly recommended by customers

Word of mouth publicity is invaluable for companies. To find out which brands are most frequently recommended, ServiceValue, together with Deutschland Test and Focus Money, conducted a study with over 560,000 customer ratings. RUF|Betten attained the “High Recommendation” award, which means that customers strongly recommend this brand (08/2019 edition).


RUF|Betten offers best price-performance ratio

RUF|Betten was awarded the “Gold Prizewinner” in the Deutschland Test. The study, which primarily focuses on the price/performance ratio of a brand as a crucial distinguishing feature, was conducted by Focus Money along with the Institute for Management and Economic Research, and demonstrates that you can always rest easy in a RUF bed. (11/2019 edition).

Germany’s most desirable bedroom furniture

Germany's most desirable bedroom furniture

It is not difficult to be known, but it is very difficult to be desired. In coopera-tion with the IMWF Institute, the F.A.Z. Institute conducted comprehensive research on brand popularity. Among other things, price-performance, custo-mer satisfaction, quality, service, recommendation and desirability were eva-luated. In the process, RUF | Betten was awarded "Germany's most desirable be-droom furniture 2021" and is thus the brand for your bedroom. (As of 2021)

Blue Angel

RUF spring wood frame (except for LRB) may carry the environmental mark UZ 38. This means that RUF spring wood frames are low in harmful substances, wood and wood-based materials used come from sustainable forestry, environmentally-friendly production processes are employed, and recyclable packaging is used and disposed of as a matter of principle.

LGA Seal

The LGA seal serves as proof for defined, superior and consistent mattress quality. It confirms that RUF mattresses are safe, fit for purpose, and of excellent quality. Annual controls guarantee a consistently high quality standard.

Confidence in Textiles

The ‘Confidence in Textiles’ label guarantees that all RUF mattress tickings have been tested for harmful substances in accordance with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Made in Germany

This designation of origin confirms that crucial features of a good have been produced in Germany. RUF|Betten is expressly committed to the location of Germany, and to a very high quality standard which also stands for a person’s quality of life.

Golden M

DGM (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e. V. – German Association for Furniture Quality) advocates for safety and health. With the “Golden M”, it awards a mark for furniture that meets the high DGM standards for durable, environmentally-friendly quality furniture that does not give rise to any health concerns. RUF|Betten has been a member of DGM since 1973. Our beds comply with very strict requirements in terms of durability, safety, environmental friendliness and health compatibility.

GS – Safety Tested

This seal verifies that RUF spring wood frame comply with the mechanical and electrical requirements of each product group, and poses no risk to the user’s health when the safety mechanism is used as intended.

Climate Pact

RUF|Betten supports the “Climate Pact for the Furniture Industry” of the DGM (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e. V. – German Association for Furniture Quality). With this initiative, the members seek to support the federal government’s climate targets and the United Nation’s 1.5 degree target. The basis of the engagement is to account for and then reduce greenhouse gas emissions. RUF|Betten complies with this and thereby reduces its CO2 footprint. RUF|Betten thereby makes a significant contribution to climate protection and is approved to use the Climate Pact Label as a responsible and future-oriented manufacturer.

Emission Label

The RUF|Betten models that carry this mark comply with the award requirements for the emission label of DGM (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e. V. – German Association for Furniture Quality) in the relevant category. RUF|Betten is authorised to use this label. The classification was verified through a harmful substance test by a neutral testing institute in accordance with DGM specifications. DGM requirements are far above the standards and relate to e.g. odour emissions, biocide contents, synthetic azo dyes and flame retardants. Moreover, the sustainability aspect has been given special consideration.

Original Box Spring

To make navigating the jungle of box spring beds and suppliers easier, DGM has introduced a quality label that is only issued to manufacturers whose box spring beds have been examined closely, and comply with the strict DGM requirements. RUF|Betten is proud to carry this label. All box spring beds have been tested, certified and fully comply with the quality requirements of DGM.

CO2 Saver

The CO2 Saver Certificate guarantees that RUF|Betten recycles above-average quantities of packaging materials. This reduces CO2 emissions – Because we care about the environment.

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