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RUF|Betten: How we became who we are.

Since the company was formed in 1926 by Albin Ruf, our range has changed, but we have remained loyal to this objective: to strive for perfection. We manifested this in our company slogan “Perfection of the senses”. And the following article will tell you what exactly that means. And you can read about the successes brought about by this dedication in the journey through our history in the contribution below.

Our philosophy: Perfection of the senses

Without doubt, every person needs healthy and pleasant sleep. In principle, a regular bed should fulfil that purpose. And yet, a RUF bed offers much more: It is your very personal wellness oasis for body and soul. A perfect place where you can fuel up on physical strength and metal freshness for the challenges of the daily professional and private life. Let’s be honest: Is it not wonderful to let the day come to a relaxed end and look forward to a restful night’s sleep?


With RUF bed, you play it safe: Because it offers the best conditions for heavenly good sleep. That is what we want to express with our “Perfection of the senses” philosophy. No more and no less. It is a equally a promise and a claim – to produce exclusively ergonomic product of perfect quality with great craftsmanship and attention to detail every single day. For innovative design that continues to set new standards worldwide. For unique individuality, because every RUF bed is a one-off – Made in Germany. And it stands for ultra-comfortable sleeping comfort – whether you decide on a box spring bed or a classical upholstered bed with mattress and spring wood frame.

In all this, our top priority is to delight and fascinate our customers, and help them to stop looking at their sleep as a mere necessity, but to indulge in it with all their senses – from hair to toe.

RUF|Betten: a success story for more than 90 years

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