RUF|Betten gives system concept CASA a new look

Even more variety in new adult look

Rastatt, 25/09/2017 (trg). Can a bed actually come of age? Yes, if it is as varied as the system concept CASA by RUF|Betten. The young, trendy model is now available in a new comfort height (K), which gives it a far more “mature” appearance: Eight centimetres extra seat height and eight centimetres more headboard height not only provide a very different look, they also make it far more comfortable when getting in and out of bed.

Choice of comfort – classic or boxspring

Yet the customer’s freedom of choice doesn’t end here. Again with CASA there is flexibility when choosing the inner parts. So you can decide between the classic variant (BKS) with slatted wooden frames and the mattress of your choice or an integrated, invisible box spring (CLX). Both are available in the previous height design or in the new K height; also optionally with design (15 cm) – or comfort bases (20 cm). How beautiful growing up can be and how comfortable sleeping can be!

Even more variety with two new comfort headboards

CASA was also complemented by two new headboards: The height of the KT-KF function variant is exactly what you’d expect, yet it is both streamlined and elegant and provides spacious comfort for the back and shoulders. At the same time, it is incredibly easy to operate and doesn’t require any rear space.

By contrast, the new form KTK will impress with its clear, stringent lines with organic elements which are manufactured with precision. In spite of its streamlined appearance, it provides an extremely high level of leaning comfort. Another new feature of this bed design is the fabric-covered profiling, endowing the bed base with the perfect finish.

Extra: LOFTLINE now also available with box springbase

Just as with CASA, the elegant system concept LOFTLINE has now also been equipped with an integrated box spring (SLX). In other words, this bed concept also gives the customer the freedom of choice: the ever popular classic variant with slatted wooden frames suspension, overlying mattress of your choice and practical, ventilated storage space. Or the trendy box spring variant with a box spring construction integrated into the bed frame, which rests on the RUF “Silent” connectors and therefore provides vibration-free and completely silent sleeping comfort. Whatever the customer decides, with LOFTLINE they will continue to get both a subtle, design-oriented appearance combined with a high level of reclining and sleep comfort.

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Ruf Boxspringbett CASA mit zwei neuen Komfortkopfteilen.
Ruf Boxspringbett CASA im neuen Look.
Ruf Boxspringbett CASA mit RUF-SILENTBuchsen.

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