OUR new brand world

The best sleep becomes an inspiring experience

Good brands create growth and provide security. The key is to be as close to the customer as possible. We at RUFBetten offer clear orientation and convey valuable content with our new, emotional brand presence and a more targeted customer approach.

Close to life, sophisticated and self-confident – that’s what the RUFBetten brand stands for.

Clear value orientation

Everything that is created at RUFBetten is based on clear ideas of quality and customer benefit. This makes the brand strong and ensures a competitive edge in the market. This includes trend-setting innovative strength and solution-oriented development work, as well as particularly high-quality design and craftsmanship. In this way, we succeed in surprising the market again and again with groundbreaking solutions.

Eine vielversprechende Positionierung – was die Marke verspricht

RUFBetten stands for the real thing in life. As a reliable partner, the sleep experts convey security and embody timeless values such as aesthetics, down-to-earthness and sustainability.
Every bed tells its own story. Creative spirit, innovative strength and quality standards are the basis for unique sleep solutions.
RUFBetten give life a new quality. They are very personal feel-good places of relaxation and provide vitality and joie de vivre – a well-deserved reward for people who know what they want in life and what matters.

Read more about our philosophy, our values and the history of RUFBetten here.

The new brand identity meets the wishes and demands of customers

Know and inspire customers

If you want to understand your customers, you have to know them. That is why the RUFBetten brand also has a “face”. It symbolises values, wishes and ideas that shape the target group and that they find in the RUFBetten brand. These include family, friendship, willingness to perform, but also self-confidence, creativity and a sense of aesthetics as well as the beautiful things in life. The brand, like its customers, is a strong personality.

An inspiring journey through the world of brands

The new communication and brand concept picks up customers where they are or start their individual journey to the product. This can be on the Internet, searching for inspiration, making a preliminary selection on the RUFBetten website, deciding which bed category is the right one or already in the store. The best possible support is always provided.

New bed configurator with added value

A special service function, the bed configurator, helps to decide in advance on a desired design, important functions and between equipment variants. Once you have found your dream bed, you receive an individual code with which the bed consultant in the store can call up this configuration directly on the screen. This simplifies the consultation and lets the experience begin even before the purchase.

Exciting staging at the POS and in the showroom

Our sleeping solutions are bought in qualified furniture stores. It is crucial that the customer always and everywhere recognises “his” brand, through people, colours, pictures, statements. Everything is offered on different communication levels: quick orientation and important additional information.

Sustainable decision

RUFBetten stands for a high sleep culture, gives you security in your decision and testifies to sustainable quality and responsibility. This is also proven by the numerous awards, seals of approval and certificates from independent institutes.

Ready for a long friendship

With a comprehensive presence on many channels, the brand now accompanies its customers from the very beginning, if desired also beyond the purchase decision. With many useful tips, current findings on the topic of sleep and competent contact persons.

Of course, the new brand image is also reflected in our own rooms. You can find an exciting foretaste in our digital 360° tour of the in-house exhibition. In the showroom in Rastatt, by the way, you can also get some relaxed advice.

As you can see, we are very proud of our brand and are therefore happy to present it to you. Let us inspire you and come and visit us in Rastatt, or find us at your local specialist dealer.