German Design Council awards prize to MODENA box spring bed

We at RUFBetten have reason to celebrate! Our MODENA box spring bed made quite an impression at the “Iconic Awards 2021” and was named “Selection Winner” in the “Innovative Interior” category. A real milestone for us! What makes MODENA so special? Well, it’s not just a box spring bed. It combines the comfort you expect with a design that really stands out. This sleek, continuous look and the reduced height give a whole new feeling of lightness. And we have managed to offer all this while maintaining a high level of sleeping comfort. The criteria for the awards? Everything from ergonomics and functionality to design quality and innovation. And when it comes to design, we can’t help but thank Sylvia Himmel. Her visionary work from within our company has contributed to this impressive bed. If you want to know more about Sylvia, you can take a look at her and her work here.

Awarded by the

Harmonious overall appearance and pronounced leaning comfort