Box­ spring ­bed CASA


Your ideal box spring bed

Sleep inside your own design, make your wishes and ideas come true and create your very own bed from countless options – with our Casa box spring bed, (almost) anything is possible. The sleek, straight bed base, which is available in design or comfort height, serves as the starting point for your creativity. The full integration of box spring comfort into the CASA bed border results in a real design highlight. Light, straightforward, consistent. And when it comes to width, length, headboard shapes, legs and matching fabrics, you are the boss!

Casa as an upholstered bed – even more options

Design freedom forges ahead without limits. The options offered by CASA do not stop with the box spring type. The CASA upholstered bed version also offers you numerous other features for your own personal dream bed.

Endless options:

  • Light, straight-lined design with a slim and elegant appearance
  • Various bed widths and lengths available
  • As box spring bed with vertical air circulation AIRVent®
  • Or as an upholstered bed with storage space and optiVENT® bed base ventilation
  • Available in design or comfort height
  • Individual choice from approx. 200 fabrics
  • Large selection of designer headboards
  • Optional motorised adjustment (cable switch, remote control/APP)
  • On request also with metal pilaster strip for a stylish finish
  • Large foot collection in various heights, colours and materials
  • Choice of perfectly matching mattresses
  • Matching bedspreads in the fabric of your choice

CASA models headboards