A good night’s sleep is more valuable than ever


RUFBetten means German quality

To enjoy life to the full every day, to pursue goals with energy and resolve, you need a haven of rest and relaxation. A luxurious box spring bed or a cosy upholstered bed from RUFBetten is the basis for restful nights and those days when everything simply goes your way. How is this achieved? By ensuring every detail of every bed and mattress exudes exceptional quality.

For us, this concept of quality has been a tradition ever since our trademark was founded in 1926. Today, RUFBetten enjoys a national and international reputation for unique products and the ultimate in comfortable sleep. Since we are all individuals, our upholstered and box spring beds are also unique. Given the numerous possibilities as regards features, design and function, every product we offer can be configured according to your personal preferences


From handicraft to masterpiece

There’s a reason for this claim: we are individualists. We craft the bed of your choice with special attention to detail – so that every bed is genuinely one of a kind. That involves precision craftsmanship combined with the latest technologies. We take control of every stage of production, from the carpentry work to high quality cushioning, precision tailoring of fabrics and needlework. Stringent quality management and close cooperation with the DGM (German Association for Furniture Quality) guarantee durability and long-lasting quality.

Bearbeitung von Stoffen.

Taking advantage of new technologies

RUFBetten inspects each and every bed we produce for quality. Quality requirements are monitored via regular functional tests and company audits as well as computer-controlled techniques. This complex procedure has a single goal: to ensure you receive a box spring or upholstered bed that is perfect in every respect. Our many patents also serve to guarantee the perfect night’s sleep and deliver special functions, such as QLX – our four-component comfort system for sleep that feels like floating.

Taking advantage of new technologies

RUFBetten inspects each and every bed we produce for quality. Quality requirements are monitored via regular functional tests and company audits as well as computer-controlled techniques. This complex procedure has a single goal: to ensure you receive a box spring or upholstered bed that is perfect in every respect. Our many patents also serve to guarantee the perfect night’s sleep and deliver special functions, such as QLX – our four-component comfort system for sleep that feels like floating.

Bearbeitung von Stoffen.
Ruf Betten Stabilität und Qualität.

True quality is not always obvious

Often, the functionality and stability of a bed (together with its mattress and spring wood frame) cannot be assessed in a single glance. Durability and sustainability are down to top-quality materials and conscientious crafting of the inner workings. This is what our good name stands for.

A sign of trust: Our seals of approval

Your satisfaction with a new box spring or upholstered bed from RUFBetten is a great honour to us, and the best motivation we can ask for. Such an achievement is no accident, though: RUFBetten is synonymous with quality that is regularly affirmed by independent experts and institutes. As a result, our beds and our production operation in Germany regularly claim awards and certification. Eco-labels like Blue Angel (for our spring wood frames) and the ‘Certified quality and safety’ label (for our mattresses) – plus many others – allow you to rest easy. After all, the value of your bed is determined by independent testimony, not promises.

After all, when we are talking about an item of furniture we come into close contact with every day, there is no room for compromise. Durability, compatibility, the absence of hazardous substances, sustainability, quality of materials and standard of finishing are not properties that are evident at first glance. Thankfully, we set the standard in these areas too, thereby providing an excellent foundation for comfortable sleep and quality of life. You can therefore rest assured that you have chosen the very best.

Quality sets the tone – Seals of approval


We are self-confident in our commitment to Germany as a production location. For us, this means not only social responsibility towards our employees and our environment, but also high standards, constant controls and regular inspections and certifications.

Of course, Germany as a location also stands for safety. Especially in times when sustainability, short delivery routes and tested product quality are important purchasing criteria for our customers. Take a look at our production in Rastatt, in the feature from Galileo on Pro7.


This product is beeing developed and manufactured in Germany. This is what the “Furniture Made in Germany” mark of origin stands for. This special quality label is awarded by the Association of the German Furniture Industry after thorough and strict testing. The high requirements are checked regularly. RUFBetten gives you the security and a reliable orientation for choosing a quality product from Germany.

Climate pact for the furniture industry

Companies are being called upon more than ever before to accept responsibility and show commitment in these times of climate change. RUFBetten contributes to reducing global carbon emissions through its activities and is committed to the United Nations’ 1.5 °C climate target. Our certification as a carbon neutral manufacturer by the Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (German Association for Furniture Quality) gives you the assurance that the wellbeing of future generations and the preservation of a liveable world are key considerations for every product we make.

Gütesiegel Original DGM Boxspring

Original DGM Boxspring

In order to better navigate the jungle of box spring beds and providers, the DGM has introduced a quality label, which is only given to manufacturers, whose box spring beds have been carefully scrutinized meeting the strict requirements of the DGM. RUFBetten can be proud of this label since all box spring beds have been tested, certified and fully comply with the quality requirements of the DGM.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100

This seal is your guarantee that: all mattress covers from RUFBetten are tested for harmful substances in accordance with the ÖkoTex Standard 100 and have been awarded seal for textile confidence.

Goldenes M

The Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (German Quality Furniture Association – DGM) is committed to safety and health, and awards the “Golden M” as a sign that furniture meets the high requirements of the DGM for durable, environmentally friendly and healthy quality furniture. RUFBetten has been a member of the DGM (German Association for Quality Furniture) since 1973. Our beds all meet the increasingly stringent standards on durability, safety and most importantly, health and the environment.

Gütesiegel Intertek geprüfte Sicherheit


This seal certifies that spring wood frames from RUF|Betten comply with the mechanical and electrical requirements of the relevant product group, so if used properly, the safety and health of the user are not compromised.

Gütesiegel Emmissionsklasse für Möbel

Emission Label

Products by RUFBetten may carry the emission label. The classification was verified through a harmful substance test by a neutral testing institute in accordance with DGM specifications. The provisions are far above the applicable standards. Moreover, the sustainability aspect is given special

CO2 saver certificate

This CO2 saver certificate confirms that RUF|Betten is committed to environmental protection and, among other things, recycles an above-average amount of packaging materials every year. In this way the company saves harmful CO2 emissions and thus makes an important contribution to environmental protection.

DIN EN 1957

Before they are launched on the market, mattresses from RUFBetten are tested by independent accredited testing institutes for durability, functionality, environmental soundness and comfort standards, and are awarded a seal as proof of our defined, superior and consistent.

Germany's most sought-after employer

The F.A.Z. Institute and the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research have conducted a study to determine the most sought-after employers in Germany. The employers' reputation was evaluated, consisting of employer performance, management performance, economic performance, product & service performance, family friendliness and sustainability. In the process, RUFBetten was named "Germany's Most Desired Employer 2023" in the bedroom furniture category. (Status 2023)

Germany's Most Popular Provider

Recommendations from satisfied customers are becoming increasingly important and relevant. But which provider is the most popular? The news channel ntv and the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) conducted a large-scale survey with over 50,000 customer opinions. In the process, RUFBetten was awarded the "Life & Living Award 2023 in the category: Beds & Mat-tresses" as "Germany's Most Popular Provider".

RUFBetten named top retail brand 2023

In an online survey conducted by the SZ-Institut (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and Service Value, around 37,000 customers were asked about various furniture brands. Quality & trustworthiness, sustainability & fairness, design & technology and awareness & trust were assessed. RUFBetten was able to convince in the category furniture brands and is now one of Germany's "Top Specialist Retail Brands 2023".

You can rely on RUFBetten

Anyone who buys a product or makes use of a service expects accurate product and service information and wishes to be served with consistent quality at all times. Many customers therefore value providers they can rely on. In a recent study on this topic, the Rastatt furniture company RUFBetten was particularly rewarded with the award "Very high reliability".

RUFBetten is Customer Favorite 2022

Rastatt, February 29, 2023. RUFBetten convinces in the annual analysis Customer Favorites 2022 and secures the test victory in the category SLEEPING & RELAXING. The analysis was conducted by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) on behalf of the news channel ntv. The focus was on the willingness to recommend the service, based on over 271,000 customer opinions.

Top Brands Home & Living 2023

Top brands - behind them are top products that have more than proven themselves in everyday use. In order to filter out these products, TESTBILD magazine commissioned the independent market research company Statista to conduct a nationwide consumer survey on the "Top Brands Home & Living 2023". Durability, design, price/performance, handling and installation as well as environment and sustainability: according to these criteria, around 6,000 users evaluated 2,200 brands. The overall winner in the product category "Beds (excluding slatted frames and mattresses)" was RUFBetten.

Best of the best

To be among the best of the best, it is not enough to perform in just one area, but must convince holistically. RUFBetten belongs to this exclusive circle and was able to win the coveted award "Best of the Best 2022" in the bedroom furniture category with 100 points. This award was achieved through a meta-analysis that evaluated the previous studies "Germany's Fairest", "Top Employer", "Highly Trustworthy Companies" and "Digital Pioneers". Only those that were able to convince in the overall evaluation receive this exceptional award.

Highest customer satisfaction

Meeting customer expectations and exceeding them - that's what RUF|Betten has been striving for since 1926. In a study conducted in cooperation with ServiceValue, Focus Money, DEUTSCHLAND TEST identified the companies with the highest customer satisfaction from over 300,000 customer ratings. Customers rated their satisfaction with a total of 1,449 companies and providers online. In the process, RUF | Betten was awarded "Highest Customer Satisfaction" among furniture brands. (As of 09/2022)

100 points in terms of longevity

Among other things, quality products are characterized by a long service life. On behalf of TestBILD, Statista conducted an extensive survey with a total of around 60,000 evaluations on the topic of " Top Marke Haus & Wohnen". In the process, RUF|Betten was awarded 100 points in the furniture/beds category as the winner in the "longevity" category. Sleeping solutions from RUF|Betten therefore give you above-average joy of sleeping for a long time. (As at 04/2022)

RUFBetten - Very high recommendation

A recommendation is a sign of satisfaction and trust in a brand. To find out which brands are recommended most often, ServiceValue and BILD conducted a study of over 660,000 consumer ratings. RUFBetten received a "very high recommendation" in the furniture brands category, meaning that customers recommend it with above-average frequency. (As of 01/2022)