Spring wood frames

by RUFBetten

Spring wood frames by RUFBetten

Designed for maximum sleeping comfort

Restful sleep and comfortable relaxation: Your personal sleep system is only created with the slat base and your individually selected mattress. All spring wood frames from RUFBetten are designed for maximum sleeping comfort.
What the box with barrel pocket springs is for a box spring bed, the spring wood frame is for an upholstered bed. It provides stability and surface elasticity and plays a role that should not be underestimated when it comes to your personal sense of well-being. Because only with the right slat base and your desired mattress, your individually fitting dream bed is created.
Because every body is different, we offer you numerous models to give you the sleep you deserve.

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Our spring wood frames are available from rigid to flexible, with narrow or wide slat spacing. The ventilation is crucial in that decision. Ventilation should be at a minimum of 30%, i.e. the slats should allow a free space of 30%. The rule of thumb is: The thinner the mattress, the more flexible the base suspension needs to be, because it needs to effect the greatest part of the ergonomic bedding. In this case, it would be reasonable to select a smaller slat spacing. On the other hand: The stronger the mattress, the greater the slat spacing can be.