Designed for maximum sleeping comfort: Spring wood frames by RUF|Betten:

Your personal sleeping system is only created with the base suspension and your individually selected mattress. All spring wood frame by RUF|Betten are designed for maximum sleeping comfort. RUF|Spring Wood Frames are low in harmful substances That is why they are allowed – except for the LRB version – to carry the environmental mark ZU 38 (The Blue Angel). RUF|Betten only uses woods and wood-based materials from sustainable forestry. Environmentally-friendly production processes are just as must a matter of principle, as recyclable packaging and their disposal.

The perfect foundation for restful sleep.

Our spring wood frames are available from rigid to flexible, with narrow or wide slat spacing. The ventilation is crucial in that decision. Ventilation should be at a minimum of 30%, i.e. the slats should allow a free space of 30%. The rule of thumb is: The thinner the mattress, the more flexible the base suspension needs to be, because it needs to effect the greatest part of the ergonomic bedding. In this case, it would be reasonable to select a smaller slat spacing. On the other hand: The stronger the mattress, the greater the slat spacing can be.

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