Mattresses for upholstered beds

by RUFBetten

Quality mattresses for upholstered beds

Sleeping comfort for a great day

Do you prefer the classical variant, an upholstered bed comprising mattress and spring wood frame? And now, you’re looking for a mattress that lets you sleep peacefully and awake rested? We offer a great range of high-quality mattresses in different comfort and price levels. Simply choose in accordance with your personal requirements. Your weight and body size are just as important factors as your personal sleeping habits. No matter which model you decide on: Each of our upholstered bed mattresses is a signed and sealed tested quality product consisting of different core and upholstery materials. That is the only way to realise the desired and unique resting characteristics that will give you a heavenly comfortable sleep in the future. And yet: Please remember to turn your new upholstered bed mattress regularly. That way, you can enjoy it for a long time yet.