Upholstered beds LIVERA


The mix makes the difference

The fine blend of varnish and fabric. As a purist, you can do without the superfluous – but not the cosiness. For that reason, LIVERA offers you everything indispensable to your wellbeing – high value and functionality embedded in timelessly beautiful design. With its three different upholstered headboards in fabrics of your choice and the precisely mitred side panels  in anthracite or matte white, LIVERA is the ideal accompaniment to any existing interior. The optional motorised adjustment makes relaxing with LIVERA perfect. Operation couldn’t be easier with cable switch, a wireless remote or using the RUFBetten app.

Pure benefits:

  • Selection of 6 widths and 3 lengths
  • Selection of three different headboards with varying comfort characteristics
  • Bed border in anthracite or matte-white
  • Countless different leg variations in a height of 15 cm or 20 cm
  • Back-friendly overall height for beds that are easy to get out of and into
  • Ventilated optiVENT bed drawers with plenty of storage space or luxury full automation
  • Optionally also with luxury, motorised adjustment

LIVERA models – headboards