Box­ spring ­bed Veronesse


Luxury in many variants of comfort

Luxurious dreams in completely new dimensions. VERONESSE completely reinterprets the traditional box spring feeling and offers the highest level of sleeping comfort with its patented QLX technology. The many options offered by VERONESSE are also convenient. This not only allows you to choose from optical components such as headboards, legs and fabrics, you also determine your comfort variant: rigid box spring bed, box spring bed with motorised adjustment, or would you prefer a box spring bed with a bed base and lots of ventilated storage space? The choice is yours – at RUFBetten we have your luxury dream bed for you to repose on cloud nine.

An exception for box spring beds: with all QLX models from RUFBetten, an elegant and light look can be achieved with support feet (CA/10) mounted further back. This means only two feet are visible at the front instead of the usual four.

An abundance of advantages:

  • Cubic, voluminous and infinitely comfortable
  • Choice of different bed widths and lengths
  • Individual choice from approx. 200 fabrics
  • Large selection of designer headboards
  • Optional motorised adjustment (cable switch, remote control/APP)
  • With selectable, ventilated storage base
  • Patented box spring comfort QLX with AIRVent® vertical air circulation
  • Large foot collection in various heights, colours and materials
  • Selectable footboard trim in black for a beautiful, continuous look
  • Choice of perfectly matching box spring mattresses
  • Cuddly toppers as a perfect finish
  • Matching bedspreads in the fabric of your choice

Veronesse models headboards