Craftsmanship to perfection

Expressive even in the smallest spaces. This is the best way of describing our CONTINO box spring bed. The headboard that blends exactly into the side silhouette of the bed is especially eye-catching. Both the expressive nature and the leaning comfort ensure this bed truly stands out. The box spring ALX base, with three smart coordinated  sleeping levels, is also comfortable in this compact and space-saving place of well-being.

Visually perfect:

  • Legs in design (15cm) or comfort height (20cm)
  • AIRVent box spring ventilation for an improved bedroom environment
  • Selection of over 200 fabrics
  • Also available in a floating design
  • Optional luxury: with motorised adjustment

Design by Janina Heiliger

Born in 1987 in Offenbach am Mail, she studied product design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach. After several internships and finally the diploma in collaboration with Thonet, she now works in the office of Prof. Stefan Heiliger since 2013.

CONTINO – various possibilities and technical details

We cater for your size

Your new CONTINO box spring bed is available in three widths and three lengths. We are confident that you will find the perfect dimensions for you and your bedroom. For the width, you can choose from 160, 180, and 200 cm; your length options are 200, 210 and 220 cm.

PDF-DownloadYou can download the full dimensions of CONTINO in 200 cm length in PDF format here

PDF-DownloadDYou can download the full dimensions of CONTINO in 210 cm length in PDF format here

PDF-DownloadYou can download the full dimensions of CONTINO in 220 cm length in PDF format here

With our triple sleeping comfort you are right on track

Komfort-ALX-FK Querschnitt

  1. For the immersion level, select a box spring mattress. All RUFBetten box spring mattresses are barrel pocket spring core mattress offered in two or three firmness levels. In addition, almost all of these mattresses are also available with fabric cover.
  1. The redistribution level is a 7-zone barrel pocket spring core with a breathable non-woven cover that absorbs and distributes your body pressure evenly. Another extra from RUFBetten: Velcro and slip-resistant nubs on the surface of this pressure distribution level, as well as adhesive stretch velour on the bottom of the RUFBetten box spring mattress securely keep your mattress in place, even when using the fully-automated adjustment.
  1. The support level consists of a base with integrated springs which supports the system from below, finished with an air-permeable Lutrasil fabric. The seating height is variable with two leg height options, offering practical ground clearance for easy floor cleaning, as well as optimal comfort when getting or out of bed.

So your bed atmosphere doesn’t struggle for air

The unique AIRVent system achieves an optimal temperature and humidity balance. While the spring cores are naturally air-permeable, special holes in the foam components and millings in the base plate ensure continuous air circulation. And there’s more: The ALX box spring offers two ground clearance options with 15 or 20 cm legs. This offers additional support for maximal ventilation of the box spring bed. And that guarantees a fresh bed atmosphere – all around the clock.

AIRVent Belüftungssystem.

Pure luxury – At the push of a button

The ALX box spring divan base is also available as a luxury version with fully-automatic adjustment. Simply adjust your bed to your personal requirements within seconds at the push of a button. For example, when you want to read, watch TV or simply relax. The headboard and foot section are continuously adjustable independent from each other – continuously and fully independent from each other. Either via cable switch, or via infrared remote control as option A textile cover keeps the divan base with frame and motor out of sight while minimising dust.

Bed widths/lengths selectable
Bed widths/lengths selectable
Base selectable
Base selectable (Height, Shape, Material)
Bedspread selectable
Bedspread selectable
AIRVent box spring ventilation
AIRVent box spring ventilation
Many fabrics to choose from
Many fabrics to choose from
Mattress selectable
Mattress selectable