Box­ spring ­bed COMPOSIUM


Where individuality is the order of the day

A real all-round talent. If it’s perfect sleeping comfort you’re after, look no further than the COMPOSIUM from RUFBetten. As with this bed system you can influence every detail – from different headboards, sizes and fabrics to the comfort of your bed base. You are also free to design your own ideas for the “inner life”. Be it as box spring bed with bed base or box spring bed with bed base and motorised adjustment. It’s your choice! But one thing is certain: the box spring is integrated and therefore not visible. This also means that you have a consistent look. In other words, a complete understatement and interior comfort you can’t see from the outside.
Discover the almost unlimited possibilities of this system and decide for yourself how your own personal dream bed should be equipped.

Countless opportunities – even as an upholstered bed

Individuality knows no limits. The design possibilities for the COMPOSIUM do not end with the box spring version. The COMPOSIUM upholstered bed version with traditional spring wood frame also offers you numerous other options for your own personal dream bed.

Infinite advantages:

  • Straightforward design, always floor-standing in an elegant classic look
  • Choice of different bed widths and lengths
  • Individual choice from approx. 200 fabrics
  • Large selection of designer headboards
  • Choice of bed sides: classic, slim or cubic mitred design
  • Optional motorised adjustment (cable switch, remote control/APP)
  • In design or comfort height, practical for every taste
  • As a box spring bed with AIRVent® vertical air circulation and ventilated bed frame
  • Or as an upholstered bed with storage space and bed base ventilation optiVENT®
  • Textile, mirror cover or footboard panel in black for a beautiful, continuous look
  • Choice of spring wood frames for every requirement
  • Choice of perfectly matching mattresses
  • Matching bedspreads in the fabric of your choice

COMPOSIUM models – headboards