Simple convenience

Puristic and flexible. A single movement is enough and the KT-KM headboard has already adopted the position you want. This headboard with a taut pad shape with Cacharel seam is 2-piece from a width of 140 cm, so that your partner can also find their optimum position without restricting the other person’s space.

Design by Sylvia Himmel

Product and object design are her forte – here Sylvia Himmel has already made a name for herself beyond Germany. From 2012 to 2022, she was the chief designer of RUFBetten, where she created numerous new trends. She was also responsible for the RUFBetten exhibition and trade fair design and advised the RUFBetten furniture stores on their floor space planning.

COMPOSIUM – various possibilities and technical details

We cater for your size.

Your new COMPOSIUM box spring bed is available in six widths and three lengths. We are confident that you will find the perfect dimensions for you and your bedroom. For the width, you can choose from 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200 cm; your length options are 200, 210 and 220 cm.

PDF-DownloadYou can download the full dimensions of COMPOSIUM in 200 cm length in PDF format here

PDF-DownloadYou can download the full dimensions of COMPOSIUM in 210 cm length in PDF format here

PDF-DownloadYou can download the full dimensions of COMPOSIUM in 220 cm length in PDF format here

Bed bases that are easy on the back, paired with elegant design: where you previously had to make compromises, we offer you four different comfort levels for your new COMPOSIUM. Choose what suits you best!

Comfort level BK DLBX – Boxspring inside plus ventilated storage space

Exclusively integrated in our COMPOSIUM system, this bed base offers you everything that makes a perfect box spring bed: a visually one-piece, shapely bed surround, the exclusive double-walled design for optimal ventilation and a large storage space (1) for duvet & co. At the same time, however, you also get a perfect box spring bed, because integrated in the bed surround is a real box spring (2), i.e. spring slats instead of a box as a support element, combined with a pocket spring core. The mattress of your choice is placed on top (3). Your advantages compensate each other: best box spring comfort plus practical storage space plus healthy ventilation plus back-friendly sitting/lying height from 65 cm. More is really not possible then!

COMPOSIUM also offers you the choice of three further comfort levels. Quite classically with spring wood frame and mattress of your choice – and with any headboard of your choice.

Guaranteed feel-good factor with automatic air conditioning

COMPOSIUM features the unique “optiVENT” ventilation system developed by RUFBetten which supports a healthy sleeping and micro climate. This system works in accordance with a very simple principle: The divan bed base consists of an inner bed base and a separate suspended surround, realising the exclusive RUFBetten double wall with integrated automatic air conditioning. The plastic fittings suspend the spring wood frame a few centimetres above the bed box. The suspended surrounds do not touch the floor, allowing the air to circulate from outside to inside the bed base and vice versa, ensuring optimal ventilation. Unlike traditional divan base systems with closed bed box, this avoids waterlogging, spores and mould formation. Instead, you will enjoy an outstanding bed atmosphere that makes you feel great. And there’s lots of space for your blankets and linens.

Pure luxury – So simple at the push of a button

If you seek even more comfort, RUFBetten offers a luxury version with motorized adjustment of headboard and foot section. This allows you to bring your bed into any chosen position via cable switch or (optional) via infrared remote control. The headboard foot section can be adjusted entirely independently from each other – For reading, watching TV, relaxing, or simply doing nothing at all. Thanks to special fittings, the generous bed base can be opened and kept open from any adjustment position. The bed base is optimally ventilated by means of RUFBetten double walls.

Headboard with adjustment function, for more relaxation and comfort
Headboard with adjustment function, for more relaxation and comfort
Selectable bedspread according to taste and style
Selectable bedspread according to taste and style
Vertical air circulation in box spring beds for optimum ventilation and a great climate
Vertical air circulation in box spring beds for optimum ventilation and a great climate
Selection from the complete <span class="shortcode-ruf-betten">RUF<span aria-hidden="true" class="pipe">&emsp14;|&emsp14;</span>Betten</span> fabric collection
Selection from the complete RUFBetten fabric collection
Predefined mattress(es)
Predefined mattress(es)
Plinth trim for a beautiful finish is possible with this model
Plinth trim for a beautiful finish is possible with this model

Quality sets the tone - Seals of approval


We are self-confident in our commitment to Germany as a production location. For us, this means not only social responsibility towards our employees and our environment, but also high standards, constant controls and regular inspections and certifications.

Of course, Germany as a location also stands for safety. Especially in times when sustainability, short delivery routes and tested product quality are important purchasing criteria for our customers. Take a look at our production in Rastatt, in the feature from Galileo on Pro7.


This product is beeing developed and manufactured in Germany. This is what the “Furniture Made in Germany” mark of origin stands for. This special quality label is awarded by the Association of the German Furniture Industry after thorough and strict testing. The high requirements are checked regularly. RUFBetten gives you the security and a reliable orientation for choosing a quality product from Germany.

Climate pact for the furniture industry

Companies are being called upon more than ever before to accept responsibility and show commitment in these times of climate change. RUFBetten contributes to reducing global carbon emissions through its activities and is committed to the United Nations’ 1.5 °C climate target. Our certification as a carbon neutral manufacturer by the Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (German Association for Furniture Quality) gives you the assurance that the wellbeing of future generations and the preservation of a liveable world are key considerations for every product we make.

Gütesiegel Original DGM Boxspring

Original DGM Boxspring

In order to better navigate the jungle of box spring beds and providers, the DGM has introduced a quality label, which is only given to manufacturers, whose box spring beds have been carefully scrutinized meeting the strict requirements of the DGM. RUFBetten can be proud of this label since all box spring beds have been tested, certified and fully comply with the quality requirements of the DGM.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100

This seal is your guarantee that: all mattress covers from RUFBetten are tested for harmful substances in accordance with the ÖkoTex Standard 100 and have been awarded seal for textile confidence.

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