ADESSO – The perfect box spring programme

Is there such a thing as the perfect box spring bed? Yes. It’s called ADESSO and was developed by the RUF Design Team. With its compact dimensions, you can maximise your use of your bedroom space. Three perfectly aligned comfort levels enable – in combination with your dream mattress – silent and comfortable rest. Generous ground clearance and AIRVent ventilation ensure a fresh bed atmosphere. Different lying heights, fabric-covered mattresses (optional) and well-thought out extras, such as different headboards, offer you a great freedom of design.

Headboard KT-KF – ideal for snuggling up

Double the enjoyment for your time out: The upholstered headboards are easy to adjust forward, and equally easy to keep clean. The pictured leather look variant can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth. If you prefer a different cover, we’re at your service: You can choose from a great range of alternative fabrics. ADESSO with the KT-KF headboard indulges eyes and body in equal measure. The sophisticated cross-quilting gives the upholstery an affectionate lounge character that welcomes you to lean back, chill or snuggle in.

Design: RUF Design Team

Boxspringbett Adesso Kopfteil KT-KF

ADESSO with KT-KF headboard

The perfect ADESSO box spring bed in combination with the functional KT-KF headboard gives your bed a lounge touch that welcomes you to chill, relax, lean back or snuggle in.

Dreams come true with RUF|Betten.

We would love to fulfil your dreams and offer you your new dream bed. It is often the small but fine details that matter. That is why you can create your own favourite bed with the ADESSO box spring system. Choose from a wealth of individual modules that can all be combined with each other. Be inspired by the countless options we offer.

We cater for your size.

Your new ADESSO box spring bed is available in six widths and three lengths. We are confident that you will find the perfect dimensions for you and your bedroom. For the width, you can choose from 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200 cm; your length options are 200, 210 and 220 cm.

PDF-Download You can download the full dimensions of ADESSO in PDF format here

With our triple sleeping comfort you are right on track.

  1. The immersion level comprises a barrel pocket spring core mattress. You can choose from several models, including variants with your dream fabric cover. You also have the choice of two toppers.
  1. The redistribution level is a 7-zone barrel pocket spring core with a breathable non-woven cover that absorbs and distributes body pressure evenly. Another extra from RUF|Betten: Velcro and slip-resistant nubs on the surface of the pressure distribution level, as well as adhesive stretch velour on the bottom of the RUF box spring mattress securely keep your mattress in place, even when using the fully-automated adjustment.
  1. The support level consists of a base with integrated slats. It supports the system from below, and is finished off with an air-permeable fabric.

So your bed atmosphere doesn’t struggle for air.

The unique AIRVent system achieves an optimal temperature and humidity balance. While the spring cores are naturally air-permeable, special holes in the foam components and millings in the base plate ensure continuous air circulation. And there’s more: The ALX box spring offers two ground clearance options with 15 or 20 cm legs. This offers additional support for maximal ventilation of the box spring bed. And that guarantees a fresh bed atmosphere – all around the clock.

The marks of our quality

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Environmental Symbol UZ38

RUF spring wood frames (except LRB) are entitled to bear the environmental symbol UZ 38. This means that RUF spring wood frames are low in harmful substances. Wood and wood-based materials are from sustainable forestry, environmentally friendly production methods are as much a matter of course as recyclable packaging materials and their disposal.

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DIN EN 1957

Before they are launched on the market, RUF mattresses are tested by independent accredited testing institutes for durability, functionality, environmental soundness and comfort standards, and are awarded a seal as proof of our defined, superior and consistent

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OEKO-TEX Standard 100

This seal is your guarantee that: all RUF mattress covers are tested for harmful substances in accordance with the Öko-Tex Standard 100 and have been awarded seal for textile confidence.

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A designation of origin confirming that key features of a product were made in Germany. RUF | Betten is expressly committed to production in Germany and to a particularly high standard of quality that means quality of life at the same time.

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Goldenes M

The Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (German Quality Furniture Association – DGM) is committed to safety and health, and awards the “Golden M” as a sign that furniture meets the high requirements of the DGM for durable, environmentally friendly and healthy quality furniture. RUF | Betten has been a member of the DGM (German Association for Quality Furniture) since 1973. Our beds all meet the increasingly stringent standards on durability, safety and most importantly, health and the environment.

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This seal certifies that RUF spring wood frames comply with the mechanical and electrical requirements of the relevant product group, so if used properly, the safety and health of the user are not compromised

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Co2 saver certificate

This Co2 saver certificate confirms that RUF|Betten is committed to environmental protection and, among other things, recycles an above-average amount of packaging materials every year. In this way the company saves harmful CO2 emissions and thus makes an important contribution to environmental protection.

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Emission Label

Products by RUF|Betten may carry the emission label. The classification was verified through a harmful substance test by a neutral testing institute in accordance with DGM specifications. The provisions are far above the applicable standards. Moreover, the sustainability aspect is given special consideration.

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Climate pact for the furniture industry

RUF|Betten participates in the “Climate pact for the furniture industry”. Balancing and efforts made to reduce CO2 emissions, undertaken by every member of the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM), form the basis for this commitment. RUF|Betten thereby makes a significant contribution to climate protection and is approved to use this Label as a responsible and future-oriented manufacturer.

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Original DGM Boxspring

In order to better navigate the jungle of box spring beds and providers, the DGM has introduced a quality label, which is only given to manufacturers, whose box spring beds have been carefully scrutinized meet the strict requirements of the DGM. RUF | Betten can be proud of this label since all box spring beds have been tested, certified and fully comply with the quality requirements of the DGM.

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Germany's most popular bed manufacturer

Over 40,000 people were surveyed to determine their satisfaction with a brand/company on behalf of the news magazine n-tv. End customers rated the RUF|Betten brand as a desirable brand that they would buy or recommend once more at any time. As the test winner, RUF|Betten was honoured with the ability to call itself as “Germany's most popular supplier”.

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RUF|Betten scores in customer loyalty and customer satisfaction

Customers expect great service at a fair price, ensuring that they will return. Deutschland Test examined and evaluated the theme of “customer loyalty” together with Service Value and Focus Money. RUF|Betten was awarded the seal for high customer loyalty, meaning RUF customers are loyal customers who get behind the brand (02/2018 edition).

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RUF|Betten is among the best

Over 20,000 companies, products and brands across more than 200 branches were covered by Deutschland Test and Focus Money as they investigated the topics of Price, Performance, Quality and Service. RUF|Betten was awarded “Germany's Best” when it came to bedroom furniture, putting them way ahead of the competition in the ranking of best bed brands (10/2018 edition).

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RUF|Betten - highly recommended by customers

Word of mouth publicity is invaluable for companies. To find out which brands are most frequently recommended, ServiceValue, together with Deutschland Test and Focus Money, conducted a study with over 560,000 customer ratings. RUF|Betten attained the “High Recommendation” award, which means that customers strongly recommend this brand (08/2019 edition).

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RUF|Betten offers best price-performance ratio

RUF|Betten was awarded the “Gold Prizewinner” in the Deutschland Test. The study, which primarily focuses on the price/performance ratio of a brand as a crucial distinguishing feature, was conducted by Focus Money along with the Institute for Management and Economic Research, and demonstrates that you can always rest easy in a RUF bed. (11/2019 edition).

Pure luxury – At the push of a button

Really, ADESSO is already the perfect box spring bed offering you a heavenly sleep. For those who seek even more comfort, RUF|Betten offers a luxury version with fully-automatic adjustment of headboard and foot section. This allows you to bring your bed into any chosen position via cable switch or (optional) via infrared remote control. For reading, watching TV, relaxing, or simply doing nothing at all.

Matching accessories for your dream bed

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