Box spring beds

by RUFBetten

RUFBETTEN box spring beds

Comfort and luxury for individualists

A box spring bed is ideal for restful nights and energetic days. With RUFBetten, you can find the exact box spring that suits you. Whether it’s classic, modern or with a love of design. We offer you “more”, in the truest sense of the word. We don’t just mean the ventilated bed drawers with plenty of storage space or the additional damping levels with our patented box spring QLX, but also our models that do not resemble a traditional box spring bed at first glance, but which still provide you with the best luxury hotel feeling. You can also decide whether a luxury, timeless look or elegant lightness (with ground clearance) would be best suited to your bedroom. But whatever your choice looks like, the purchase of this box spring bed from RUFBetten will ensure that you’re sleeping on cloud nine.

Divine sleeping comfort:

  • Outstanding as the “original box spring”
  • Maximum sleeping comfort – like in a luxury hotel
  • Plenty of design variants, leg models, unique features and numerous extras
  • Large RUFBetten fabric collection for an optimal look on your dream bed
  • Individual sleeping comfort, for restful nights and energetic days
  • Intelligent ventilation systems for a perfect bed atmosphere
  • No mattress shift thanks to Velcro fastener
  • Tried and tested quality, made in Germany

The structure makes the difference; spring wood frames, also known as slatted frames, can be found in classic upholstered beds. The individual mattress lies on top of this, and is framed by the bed surround. A topper may be placed on top. Many box spring beds lack this slatted frame, and instead use the box with inner springs (the box spring). This box is also known as the base mattress. In good box spring beds, such as those from RUFBetten, they do not lie directly on the floor, but on a ventilated, springwood-like substructure. This improves the sleeping environment and also optimises comfort levels while lying down. The two bed types are also distinct on a visual level: the border that characterises the mattresses of upholstered beds is not present on a box spring bed. The mattress lies freely on top – and at RUFBetten, they’re secured against slippage. This creates the typical, two-part look of the box spring bed and a voluminous look.